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Le Centre, Courfeyrac.
"Courfeyrac was the center. He gave more light, he gave more heat; the truth is he had all the qualities of a center, roundness and radiance."

Bonjour, mes amis! The name's Emerson Courfeyrac, but I marginally prefer Courfeyrac. Ask me some questions, I don't bite... unless you're into that. ;)

((Independent Courfeyrac roleplayer. This is a multi-ship, mutli-verse blog. Current M!A: None

Mun is under-age.

Will roleplay with anyone. :)

FC:Steve Moakler

Track tag: asklecentrecourfeyrac ))

Headcanon: Courfeyrac didn’t have the best home life, so he used music to drown it out. He taught himself piano, guitar, and drums, and he sings a bit, along with writing his own music somtimes. This is why he’s so into music today. It also saved his life.